That's right, we only sell 100% organic seeds
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Mercury seeds co.pvt. ltd. providing seeds from our own genetic resources suitable to our ecological structure with quality but still affordable enough to benefit Pakistani’s agricultural & formers. Agricultural zones of the country with sophisticated and educated team. Our company has own R& D stations to conduct research and make progress in the field of vegetable and field crops hybrids, our products company with international quality standards and seeds registration & certification established by FSC & RD and other departments. Our seeds are entirely produced in Pakistan. Mercury seeds has on going research & breeding on different verities of, field crops like cucumber and bitter ground etc. our seeds are tested by our team of experts in accordance to the high-quality standards of physical and physiological tests. Finally, our seeds are presented to farmers. We also import hybrid seeds of different vegetables from different countries and sources across the world. Our mission is to provide best quality seeds of all on major crops and vegetables to the farmers of comparatively affordable prices. Our target is to be a pioneer in the seed sector of Pakistan by suppling best quality seeds to the farmers and consumers. With seeds that we provide and produce in Pakistan, we provide an increase in agricultural and quality.

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